The GRADE Center Gender is an interdisciplinary center located at the (Post)Graduate Academy GRADE of the Goethe University. Since 2016, the center promotes and supports scholars who pursue an empirical and/or theoretical gender-related question in their qualification project. The program is planned and coordinated by the CGC.

GRADE Gender is aimed at advanced Master's students, doctoral candidates and post-docs from the humanities and social sciences, in particular from the departments participating in the Center.

Programmatically, the internationally and interdisciplinarily oriented GRADE Center Gender aims at theoretical and empirical dimensions of gender difference(s), gender orders, gender regimes and gender relations as well as queer transgressions and the critical questioning of two-gender orders. It is about gender as a social structural category, about symbolic constructions and codings of gender as well as about the social regulations and social relations in which they are embedded.

One of the most theoretically and methodologically challenging questions in gender studies is the intersectional perspective. Intersectional research owes essential impulses to Black Feminism and Critical Race Theory and is the basis for critical diversity research, whose concepts are also applied in many non-university fields of work.

On the other hand, inter- and transnational perspectives shape current debates and academic projects in gender studies. Among other things, the focus is on re-visions of hegemonic (Western) paradigms and narratives. The aim is to think from the margins, to include previously excluded perspectives, and from there to re-evaluate facts and data and establish different contexts.

The GRADE Center Gender promotes and supports innovative, que(e)r qualification projects on a scientific level. Beyond that, however, it also provides concrete assistance in structuring and finalizing the work projects that have been initiated. Offers of GRADE Gender in cooperation with GRADE and the Equal Opportunities Office of Goethe University are in the areas of consulting, further education, peer coaching as well as in the support of networking activities. Last but not least, excursions and discussions with graduates and employers highlight career opportunities and perspectives beyond the completion of qualification theses.