Frequently Asked Questions about the B.A. Minor in Gender Studies
For prospective students
Which major can I combine with the Bachelor's minor in Gender Studies?

To study the minor in Gender Studies, you need admission not only to the minor, but also to a major. A list of B.A. majors offered at Goethe University Frankfurt that can be combined with the minor can be found here. All programs that have "major with a minor" in the description are eligible.

Can I combine the BA minor in Gender Studies with a Master's program?

No, Gender Studies is a Bachelor's minor only. For Master's students, the Cornelia Goethe Centrum offers a certificate program in Gender Studies.

The BA minor in Gender Studies is admission restricted. Where can I find the Numerus Clausus (NC) of the last class?

The NC as well as the waiting times of the last classes can be viewed on the pages of the Student Service Center. However, these figures are only a guide, as the NC is determined anew in each year's class. The average grade of the university entrance qualification (and any waiting semesters) as well as the number of applicants competing for places are decisive for admission to the minor in Gender Studies.

To whom do I address questions regarding application, admission and enrollment?

The Student Secretariat of Goethe University advises you on all questions regarding application, admission and enrollment. You can find the relevant contact persons and office hours on the website of the Student Secretariat and International Student Affairs (SLI): and Here you will also find information on how to apply for a higher semester.

Is there still an introductory event with information for freshmen before the start of the study program?

Yes, there is an orientation event (OV for short) for first-year students. This takes place on several days. All new students are welcomed there and they receive important information about the structure and course of their studies, the preparation of the timetable, and much more. In a mentoring program, the new students are welcomed by a student from a higher semester.

The orientation meeting always takes place one week before the start of lectures in the winter semester. Information about the OV and the program can be found on this page starting in August/September.

For B.A. minor in Gender Studies students
Where can I get current information about the B.A. minor in Gender Studies?

The CGC regularly sends out information and event notices concerning the B.A. minor in Gender Studies via the mailing list. To be added to the mailing list, students of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies write an email to the administration. Please use your student mail address (

Another source of information is the newsletter for students of the Department of Social Sciences, through which you can regularly receive event information, internship and job offers, information about summer schools and important information about your studies.
You can find out how to use your student mail account or set up a forwarding here.

Where can I network with my fellow students?

Students have networked on a Discord server, which functions like a kind of forum. It is open to all students of the BA Gender Studies minor. The institute group for the minor is currently vacant. We would like to encourage you to revive it.

What do I have to pay attention to in the first semester?

In your first semester you have to register for the BA final examination - even if you do not write a Bachelor thesis within the BA minor Gender Studies, you have to register for the module examinations. Please complete the registration form and hand it in to the Examinations Office of the Department of Social Sciences right at the beginning of the 1st semester, but no later than the end of the lecture period of your first semester. You can find the registration form for module examinations in the download area .

Where can I find the current course catalog?

You can find the current course catalog on the Goethe University homepage and in the program downloads.

How do I register for courses?

Since the minor B.A. Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program, the registration modalities sometimes differ considerably. Please find out in good time how to register correctly for a course. In case of doubt, please ask the lecturers. An overview of registration modalities and department-specific regulations can be found in the downloads. This is updated on an ongoing basis. If you have problems with the course registration, you can contact the study coordination or the departmental advisor.

How do I register electronically for participation and examinations in the university portal LSF?

Students of the cooperative study program Bachelor Minor Gender Studies are exempted from the regulation of electronic exam registration at the department 03. The administration of the study program is done via module slips.

Questions regarding examination law and questions of recognition should be addressed to the Examination Office of the Department of Social Sciences or the Examination Board. Please also refer to the FAQ of the department 03 (FAQ for students), where many questions are already answered.

How does the registration for exams work for courses from the Psychology and Law programs?

For Department 01 and the Institute of Psychology, additional information can be found in the document "Information on registration and admission for courses in the B.A. minor in Gender Studies" in the download area.

Important to note: In Psychology, no graded course work can be earned!

Where can I find the contact details and office hours of the Examinations Office of the Department of Social Sciences?

The Examination Office of the Department of Social Sciences is located in the PEG building in rooms 2.G 130 - 2.G 132. The current office hours can be found on the homepage of the Department 03.

What do I need a module card for - where can I find the current module card?

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies and the many departments involved, examination administration has not yet been carried out electronically. Therefore, students of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies use so-called module cards, on which the respective lecturers document the participation and/or examination performance. Subsequently, the module cards are submitted to the Examination Office of the Department of Social Sciences and booked there accordingly. The mailbox of the examination office is located in the PEG building between the offices 2 G130 and 2 G 131. We recommend that you make a copy of the submitted module cards for your own reference. The current module card can be found in the downloads of the study program.

Who do I contact if my credits are not yet posted online?

If you have submitted the completed and stamped module cards to the Examinations Office (drop them in the mailbox of the Examinations Office between offices PEG 2.G130 and 2.G 131) and your achievements do not yet show up in the electronic overview of credits: please be patient. The certificates have to be checked and entered manually. So please allow sufficient time for posting if you need a Transcript of Records, for example. In urgent cases you can contact the examination office.

Where can I find the interdisciplinary courses that I have to take as part of my studies?

Within the framework of modules 2 (Inter-/Transdisciplinarity. Critique of Science and Methods of Gender Studies) and 6 (Specialization Module), you will complete one Interdisciplinary Proseminar or Seminar each, which is usually identified as such in the course catalog. In addition, the Interdisciplinary Pro-/Seminars of the current semester are clearly listed in a document, sent out at the beginning of the semester via the mailing list of the BA minor and posted in the download area.
You are free to also attend two courses in each of Modules 2 and 6 that are designated as interdisciplinary. One of the courses will then simply be credited to you as a disciplinary course.

How can I open courses for Gender Studies?

Courses that are either not open for Gender Studies at all, are only open for individual modules, or are not designated as interdisciplinary but in your opinion should be, can only be re-registered within the period of the first week before lectures begin and the first week of lectures. You can send your recommendation to the course coordinator, who will review your proposal and open it if necessary.

How do I prove my participation in the CGColloquium?

Students of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies who attend the CGColloquium series fill out the module slip at the end of the semester and submit it to the responsible office. The responsible office is indicated in the LSF/class schedule and can be found in the comment field for the respective Cornelia Goethe Colloquia. Different regulations apply to participants of the Gender Studies certificate program.

What is Independent Study?

"Independent Study" is a specific form of guided self-study within the framework of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies. Through independent reading, which is recommended by the lecturer, the content of the courses in the advanced and specialization phase (Module 3 "Society, Politics, Law", 4 "Culture, Identity, Sexuality", 5 "Advanced Theories of Gender Studies" and 6 "Specialization") should be continued, deepened and supplemented. In total, Independent Study evidence (2 CP each) must be provided in three modules (see module descriptions in the examination regulations, p. 29 ff). Accordingly, independent study is module- and event-bound.

Normally, the self-study is completed in consultation with the lecturers as a continuation, deepening and supplement in one of the two courses provided in the respective module. Alternatively, it is possible to participate in another course from the respective module and to complete the independent study in consultation with the lecturers. The successful participation in this course is proven by active participation and is the condition for the continuation, deepening and completion of the course contents in the self-study.

The self-study will be documented by two ungraded response papers of 200-300 words each, reflecting on the guided reading. The self-study will be noted accordingly on the module slip. It is best to contact the lecturers with whom you wish to complete the independent study at the beginning of or during the relevant course.

Can I complete an independent study as part of the CGColloquium?

No. According to the examination regulations of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies, independent study can only be completed as part of modules 3, 4, 5 and 6, see also point: "What is independent study?".

Can I also take an oral exam as a module final exam?

For PO 2015: No. According to the examination regulations of the B.A. minor in Gender Studies, only homework and written examinations are permissible forms of examination. The examination board can only schedule an oral examination for the repetition of failed written examinations.

For PO 2022: Yes!

Who supports me in writing scientific texts (term papers, etc.)?

If you have questions about the content of your paper, you should always contact your supervisor. In addition, the University Writing Center offers various courses and workshops on scientific writing as well as free, individual consultation on your writing project. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Writing Center.

I receive Bafög. Which achievements do I have to make in the Bachelor Minor in Gender Studies in order to prove "proper study" in the sense of § 48 BAföG?

All information for Bafög recipients of the Department of Social Sciences can be found on the following homepage. The overview of the required achievements can be found here. It is recommended to submit a proof of the performance level of the 3rd semester within the first four months of the 4th semester to avoid an interruption of the payment.

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