The certificate program Gender Studies comprises two certificates of achievement in one disciplinary and one interdisciplinary course, one certificate of participation in a disciplinary course and two certificates of participation in two lecture series of the "Cornelia Goethe Colloquia".

Accordingly, proof of attendance in the following five events is required to earn the certificate:

Interdisciplinary course:
Acquisition of a graded certificate of attendance (e.g., term paper, written exam, oral exam) that may NOT be counted in the regular degree program.

Disciplinary course:
Acquisition of a graded certificate of attendance (e.g. term paper, written exam, oral exam) AND a certificate of participation, both of which may also be counted in the regular course of study.
Attendance of two lecture series (Cornelia Goethe Colloquia): Attendance at one entire lecture series in one semester and summary of 4 lectures in the series attended (approximately ½ page per lecture).


Please note that only master's level courses are eligible for the certificate. The type and level of a course can be found in the module descriptions in the LSF.

Furthermore, please note that since the summer semester 2019, four lectures in each of the two attended lecture series have to be summarized concisely in order to prove attendance. There is no need to sign a participation list. Summaries should include a personal reflection on the lectures and should not exceed approximately one-half page (250 words) in length per lecture. Please include a signed declaration of originality with the summaries. You can hand in the reflection papers directly to the CGC in the PEG (room 2.G 154 or room 2.G 161). However, you may also submit the summaries by postal service or email.

Certificates of attendance, both graded and not graded, need to be provided on the form available under downloads. An overview of all seminars that can be taken for the certificate program can be found in the current semester program.

Questions about the certificate program should be sent by e-mail to Janina Schreckenberger.

Personal office hours and consultations take place by appointment.