Negotiating Normativity
4. November 2009 (all day) bis 10. Februar 2010 (all day)
Wintersemester 2009/2010

1.314 (Eisenhower-Raum)

Davon abweichend findet die Veranstaltung am 04.11.2009 am Campus Westend, Casino-Gebäude im Raum 1.801 (Renate von Metzler-Saal) statt.

The aim of this international lecture series is to reflect upon the meaning of ‘the political’ in a postcolonial world. Internationally reputed scholars are invited to explore the implications of race, class, gender and sexuality as shaped through colonialism for the structuring of contemporary global politics, which continues to be confronted with the legacies of empire. Addressing issues like cosmopolitanism, global governance, democracy, human rights, transnational justice, development politics, decolonisation, war and peace from a feminist-postcolonial lens, this lecture series will simultaneously explore how norms are negotiated in the postcolony as well as the potential for normative violence. Thinking about gender and ‘the political’ from a transnational perspective will contribute to rethinking the nature and practice of feminist politics.

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