GRADE Center Gender: Workshop: Talking about your (gender) research in the media

06.06.2023, 10:00-14:00h
Workshop: Talking about your (gender) research in the media
Anke Kautz
Language: English (German)
Format: Face-to-Face Teaching
Venue: Campus Westend, Seminarhaus, Raum SH 3.102

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Please register by May 16th. Please tell us the language you prefer to communicate in during the workshop (German or English or both).

Abstract: Communicating your research strategically is a crucial part of becoming visible as a researcher. Increasingly, universities and research institutions are looking for researchers able and willing to interact with (social) media, to explain their research and comment on topics at the center of public debates. The workshop will give researchers ready to ‘go public’ with their research, especially in gender studies, the necessary tools to reflect on their role, find appropriate modes of communication and be prepared for all possible reactions.

The workshop will focus on how to successfully talk about your research in public. We will address the most important questions that you will encounter again and again, no matter in which medium or for which target group you want to communicate. An important part is also to become clear about your role as a scientist. It is challenging to leave the scientific community and become a public figure. This also involves the question of how to deal with the reactions and debates that one’s own statements may trigger. There will be time to reflect on this and find appropriate strategies.

Referent*in: Anke Kautz is a graduate media consultant and has worked as a journalist for 25 years. As a trained coach and mediator, she works in scientific institutions. Anke uses her expertise from both fields to address science communication, to coach scientists in this area and to share her knowledge in workshops.