Cornelia Goethe Colloquia summer semester 2023

The Cornelia Goethe Colloquia is an open discussion forum for interdisciplinary women’s and gender studies. Interested participants are cordially invited!

In the summer semester of 2023, the colloquia are titled:

(M)Anthropocene? Current perspectives on nature and gender relations.

In the face of accelerating climate change and many other ecological crises that pose novel challenges to the world, nature, and ecology are now central topics not only of natural science but also of social and cultural science research and societal debates. Rarely do the perspectives and insights of gender studies and feminist theory take center stage. Yet women’s and gender studies in particular have a long tradition of extremely productive engagement with the entanglements of nature or ecology and gender.
Against this background, the colloquium discusses current approaches to the relationship between gender and nature. Their spectrum ranges from the renewal of ecofeminist approaches to intersectional perspectives on ecological issues and neomateralist theories. In this way, the relevance of gender studies and feminist research for the social confrontation with ecological crises is to be demonstrated, and their insights are to be productively developed further.
Starting with a panel discussion with scientists and social actors that raises the question of what gender actually has to do with ecology and nature, the colloquium presents perspectives from different scientific disciplines on different aspects of this relationship. The speakers will discuss queer theoretical analyses of ecological questions, analyze the racialization of nature, and explore the potentials and limits of mobilizing “old” and “new” materialisms to understand nature and ecology. The lecture series thus sheds light on gender-theoretical and feminist discussions of the implications of the modern dualism of nature and society in the 21st century.


Organizer: Cornelia Goethe Centrum für Frauenstudien und die Erforschung der Geschlechterverhältnisse (CGC)
Concept: Franziska von Verschuer, Vicky Kluzik, Thomas Lemke, Josef Barla
Coordination: Amanda Glanert, Mandy Gratz, Johanna Leinius
Contact: Johanna Leinius

Due to the currently unforeseeable developments of COVID-19, the Cornelia Goethe Centrum reserves the right to postpone or cancel events at short notice. Please inform yourself about the time, place, and format of the colloquia on the

CGC Website

Lectures in English

21.06.2023 – online
Catriona Sandilands
Bea’s Garden: Restorying the (M)Anthropocene
online event: registration link

Alyssa Battistoni
Labor of Life: Theorizing Labor With and Against Nature

Some lectures will also be available on the CGC Website and the CGC YouTube channel during the week following the lecture.


Wednesdays, 6-8 p.m. c.t.
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Campus Westend, PEG Building, Room 1.G 191

Admission is free!

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