Guide ‘Discrimination Sensitivity in Teaching. A guide by and for lecturers at FB 03’

In university teaching and learning spaces, lecturers and students are repeatedly confronted with discriminatory and marginalizing statements and behaviors. Recognizing such statements and situations and dealing with them constructively is a challenge for lecturers for which few of us are trained.

At teh Faculty of Social Sciences, a group of lecturers, with the collaboration of the Students of Color (SoC) initiative at Goethe University Frankfurt, has come together to develop the guide ‘Discrimination Sensitivity in Teaching. A guide by and for lecturers at FB 03’.

Interested parties, also from other Faculties, are welcome!

The guide will be continuously developed and there are regular digital meetings as well as an OLAT course in which resources are shared and peer feedback is facilitated.

If you are interested, please contact Franziska von Verschuer, researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Annette Hilscher, Sarah Mühlbacher orSarah Sandelbaum, all from the Institute for Social Research.

The current version (as of 12/2022) can be downloaded here (in German):